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Some of the advantages of using drones for construction and work progress updates are:  

They can improve safety and reduce liability by accessing hard-to-reach or dangerous places, such as rooftops, bridges, power lines, or offshore platforms, without risking human safety. 

They can streamline progress documentation by collecting high-quality data, such as images, videos, thermal data, and multispectral data, using different sensors and cameras. 

They can reduce the time and cost of construction by covering large areas quickly and eliminating the need for manned aircraft or satellites. 

They can enhance site security by monitoring the site for unauthorized access, theft, or vandalism. 

They can improve asset and material tracking by identifying the location, quantity, and condition of materials and equipment on site. 

They can supplement on-site auditing by providing accurate and reliable information on the quality and compliance of the work. 

They can provide more advanced visualization by creating 3D models, maps, and analytics of the site. 

Work progress updates with drones are a way of using unmanned aerial vehicles to collect and analyze data on the status and quality of construction projects. Drones can capture aerial images, videos, and other data that can be used to create detailed reports on the progress of the work, identify any issues or delays, and communicate with stakeholders.

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